2018 World Cup – Do you have already a Football Fan menu?

June 16, 2018

The FIFA World Cup is a great entertainment for many of us. Football Fan Zones in cities or watching football match on TV at home with friends increase your game’s engagement and satisfaction.

Thus, what is the best food to have while watching a football match with your closest friends?
We prepare 5 TOP football-viewing snacks to eat while yelling at the TV. Taste all of them during the FIFA World Cup 2018

1. Chips – when you try one flake – you reach for the next one! The pack disappears immediately! We suggest Lays Chips Green Onions or Paprika Crunchy Chips from Lorenz company.

2. Pizza – perfect to serve during a break in the match. The easiest way is to use a ready dish – for example from Virtu company. Just put in the oven for a few minutes. Try Pizza with Ham or Salami. If you prepare a vegetarian version – we recommend 4 Cheese Pizza.

3. If you don’t like salty snacks – you can choose sweet shortbread cookies. Chocolate cookies will calm your nerves. We especially like: Milka Sandwich Choco Cookies, American Classic Cookies from Wedel brand or American Biscuits with Chocolate Pieces from Delicpol company.

4. Peanuts – are great with a beer. Unfortunately – peanuts are very caloric – especially salty. If you are not afraid of extra calories – then we recommend Lorenz Salted Peanuts.

5. Beer – of course from the fridge. It will allow you to cool the emotions during a football match. Try unusual flavors: Caramel Beer Karmi or Cranberry Beer Karmi – from the Carlsberg brand.

All these snacks and Karmi beer can be found in stores where MPT Stanro supplies its products.