Quick snack with olives and salmon

June 23, 2018

You’re hungry and you need to eat something right now! Before you grab processed, high-calorie foods like chips or cookies, we propose you to wait 10 minutes and prepare quick and healthy snack with olives and salmon.
It is worth to introduce olives to your diet, because the caloric value of olives is about 150 kcal per 100 g.
Here’s our suggestion for a snack that you’ll make in 10 minutes!

• 75 g green olives – for example Fragata from Stovit brand. You can use olives stuffed with paprika, blue cheese, garlic or lemon.
• 75 g of black olives – for example Fragata from Stovit brand
• 100 g smoked salmon
• 1-2 slices of bread
• Fresh tomatoes
• Fresh basil

Cut bread into cubes. Fry bread cubes in a pan without fat/oil. Cut the tomatoes. Put tomatoes and drained green and black olives in a bowl. Add pieces of salmon. Put the roasted and cooled bread on top. Garnish with basil. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, season with salt and pepper.