Hummus in the main role

May 22, 2019

Today modern and healthy cooking could not exist without hummus. It is also a basic component of vegetarian cuisine, accepted also by carnivores. All because of the taste and richness in vitamins and minerals. Hummus is a normal paste made from boiled and grated chickpea seeds. It tastes great as a bread spread and an interesting addition to various dishes. Although hummus is the most popular in the Middle East, we can easily buy it in Europe. This is good news for people who do not have time to prepare it themselves. Sante is the leading brand offering hummus on the Polish market. In addition to the classic and dried tomatoes, it also offers a vegan paprika and mayonnaise. Look for Lovege products in stores supplied by Stanro. And if you get bored with ordinary healthy sandwiches, we present a recipe for tartines with humus, salmon and walnuts.

salmon fillet 250 g
pack of hummus
a sprig of fresh marjoram
a handful of walnuts
olive oil
freshly ground pepper

Salmon grill, sprinkling previously freshly ground pepper. Cut the baguette, sprinkle with olive oil, then gently bake in the oven.
We divide the nuts into smaller pieces.
On each slice of the baguette, put a large hummus blot, then a piece of baked salmon, a few leaves of marjoram and crushed walnuts. We sprinkle each toast with olive oil.