Equipment for the tent

July 18, 2019


The time of summer trips has already started! Many of us mostly enjoys the nature while being as far away from civilization as possible. For this purpose we take a tent and go into the mountains or near the sea, moving away from the buildings. However, this means that the nearest store won’t be within easy reach, maybe even several kilometers away, so you’ll have to take the most-needed equipment with you. Therefore, the most proven for such occasions is canned food that is both teasty and practical. Those should be selected carefully meals that will give us energy during hiking trips. Bigos, stuffed cabbage and baked beans will do the job. What’s more, their taste is inevitably associated with camping. A small pre-warming cooker and a gas bottle will be enough to heat up the dinner. However, if you did not take such equipment on the trip – no problem. All you need is a cast iron pot that you put on the campfire. You can find such meals from Pampol in stores supplied by Stanro.

And what other tricks, besides the heating on the fire, you should get knowledge of when going to the tent?

1) To illuminate the whole tent, just attach the flashlight to the large water bottle.

2) Keep the matches in a plastic box. Cardboard can get wet. Also put in a piece of sandpaper that will serve as a striking surface for matches later.

3) Keep season spices for dishes from a bonfire in boxes of tic-trays. That way they will not get wet.

4) Fasten the trouser belt on the tree and attach the hooks to it. You hang all the dishes there.